Bond is Back in Books

FullSizeRenderHello all and happy holidays! I hope everyone is enjoying your eggnog, be it shaken or stirred. Just a quick Bond programming note for those who maybe interested. Warren Ellis, as good as a writer as there is working in comics today, has teamed up with Dynamite to bring fans everywhere a new book titled “Ian Fleming’s James Bond!” This is an “official” use of both the Fleming and Bond name. Add Ellis into the mix and it’s certainly worth a look-see. So far the story is a grounded, street level look at our hero. He’s Bond, with the suits and the drinking (and smoking!) and globetrotting and connections in high and low places but he is much more a man on a clear mission then he’s been in the films in the Craig era. The book is not concerned at all with what Bond is thinking or feeling, just what he’s doing. The story is still unfolding and plots can change on a dime in comics but so far it’s not some megalomaniac with global ambitions Bond is fighting but some kind of terrorist group (maybe?) funding them selves by selling a lethal drug, which is killing off London’s artist and youth. There is also a shady international corporation CEO who I’m sure will come into play down the road. The storytelling is breezy with heavy jolts of violence (a Ellis signature) and the art is slightly retro in the best way. James’ “look” is not like any of the film’s stars but if you had to pick you would say he is drawn like Lazenby filtered through Cary Grant. This movie star of yore look along with a simple, non-fussy, color palate and straight forward physical action gives the whole affair a swinging London (not to be confused with the cartoon psychedelic look of Austin Powers), cold war feel; a vibe in line with the original Fleming novels. Anyway, this is not going to uproot your understanding of Bond as a character or blow your mind in anyway but it’s a nice throwback to a simpler, lighter Bond that stands in stark contrast to the heavy, serious, world-building that is going on in the films at present. If you’re up for 22 pages a month of some fun Bond adventures, it’s worth your $3.99. They are only two issues deep with #3 hitting stands in the gun-1new year so you have plenty of time to catch up and jump on board if interested in more Bond in your life and lets face it, who isn’t?

Happy holidays 007 fans and best of luck in the New Year.

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