Greetings and welcome to Blog….James Blog. The name of this site is taken from one of the more famous lines said by the greatest gentleman secrete agent the world has ever know, James Bond. I enjoy writing, I love movies, and I’ve been fascinated by Bond films all my life. From when I first saw them coming on Sunday afternoon on local PIX 11, up until today, they have, for me at least, come to represent everything that is right and wrong with action films. They are also a fascinating prism to use in viewing where we were as a society as well as filmmaking. This is a franchise that has been around since 1962. Think about how much we as a culture have changed since then. Think about everything politically that’s happened since then. Think about how film making has changed since then. I intended to use the Bond films to look at these bigger ideas. But, this is also meant to be a record of all things Bond. How many women did he sleep with in this film? How many people did he kill in that one? What gadgets did he use? Who was the villain? Was the theme song any good? Is Sean Connery really the best Bond and if so why? And, most important, where does this one film we are discussing fit in with the other 22 “official” James Bond films? We will rate the films at the end of each review with one through seven on the Official “Unofficial” Martini Glass Ratings System (MGRS)

This is the game plan. I’m going to watch every film in order. Then, I’m going to write about it. This is the Bond of the films and films only. No comic books, video games and no Fleming novels. I know the books are the source material but to be 100% frank, I have no interests in the books. (I have never read any of Fleming’s novels) I want to look at Bond as a film character. Someone else can handle the Fleming novels.

I encourage all feed back and discussion. More than anything I hope you enjoy the site and maybe even think about the Bond films a little differently. If you enjoy, tell a friend. If not, don’t. Thanks again for you’re interest.

For more about my plan and the list of all 22 official James Bond movies please click here.

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