The Shaken Not Stirred Ratings

For the record, the official “unofficial” Martini Glass Rating System (MGRS) for Blog, James Blog. The MGRS works on a scale of 1 – 7 in honor of 007.

Water from the River Thames in a glass, skip this one

Not worthy of it’s license to kill, but had small moments for big fans

Cheap vodka, but still has a kick and will get the job done

Double O average, everything you expect from Bond, nothing more, nothing less

A night worth remembering that should still be with you in the morning

Top shelf, this is why he’s Bond, James Bond

Royal Flush, the unbeatable hand is dealt

I also want to make clear, if it’s not obvious already, that I am in no way associated with MGM, UA, or EON productions. (EON, founded by producers Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, produced all 22 “official” Bond films.) You will see no images from the Bond movies posted here. I’m writing about the movies using various research tools including but not limited to the amazingly packaged “James Bond Ultimate Collector’s DVD (2006)” set and several research sources both online and on my book shelf. I will also be incorporating my own knowledge of film in general and James Bond movies specifically. This site is meant to be an exercise for me and hopefully something enjoyable for anyone who happens upon it.

One last note, my wife and I got a 46” flat screen in January, a purchase that in part inspired this project. All I can say is the TV has been worth every penny and the Bond DVD’s look just amazing.

The first post, Dr. No (1962) is right around the corner.