James Blog Will Return

And with our latest posting breaking down the most recent Bond film, it would appear we have done what we set out to do. But no, like Jimmy B we will live to die another day. Not only because there is more to be done, but because this silly little idea turned out to be so much fun. I truly love working on these things and I’m not ready to throw in towel. Indeed, it took me quite sometime to post Quantum of Solace (2008) mostly because the movie was, as the great Iggy Pop once sang “no fun, my baby, no fun.” But I also sat on it for a while because I didn’t what Blog, James Blog to end. And now I know it doesn’t have to. Yes, we have some 50th anniversary stuff coming up plus Bond 23 but in the meantime there are other fish to fry. Going forward I’m going to give the two “unofficial” Bond pictures the James Blog treatment. First, we’re going to tackle Connery’s seventh Bond film, Never Say Never Again (1983). Then we will dive into the acid tinted, rainbow colored waters of Casino Royale (1967). A quick programing note, to differentiate Peter Sellers Bond turn from Daniel Craig’s 2006 007 adventure of the same name, from this moment forward Casino Royale (1967) will be referred to as Casino Royale (with cheese). Then? Well, any suggestion would be good. We could rank the Bond actors (always a good time and a fantastic way to piss of the Moore haters). We could look at Bond related/influenced films (The Matt Helm movies, The Borne series, Pretty Woman (1990)). We could talk to an empty chair and pretend we’re interviewing Ian Fleming; sky’s the limit really (until it falls of course.) So much more to come, especially since it was just announced Mr. Craig signed on for two more Bond pictures. (Moore approves!) Even more, if we are to believe the Skyfall (2012) trailer then Craig and Bond are returning to form. The 23rd Bond film looks to be a classic featuring a baddie who talks up our hero over some fatha beans nice chianti. Even if that is 10% true Craig’s next go around is already three times as good as Quantum. Thanks for you support and keep checking back for more Bond stuff.

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